February 2020 – Present

Lee Buri Productions opened in February 2020. The two co-founders have a combined 25-years of experience in production and media. The company strived to provide high quality content with great stories at a reasonable and fair price.

Due to the pandemic, Lee Buri Productions had no choice but to cease operations until further notice.

It’s About Delivering The Best, Each and Every Time

As a small production house, both my partner and I had to play many roles. Besides the day-to-day business aspects of the company, I also played an active role in all creative aspects of our production projects;

  • Conceptualisation
  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Client Servicing

For us, it was all about the ethics of it all. Company profits were not a priority. Instead, we prioritised our crew members and ensured they were compensated and treated fairly. This, however, never led to a drop in quality. We fully utilised budgets and delivered high quality products without fail.

Though Lee Buri Productions was only active for a period of just six months in between Malaysia’s lockdowns, the company was able to work with and deliver videos for numerous clients.

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Tailored to Corporate Clients

As a new production house, Lee Buri Productions was able to find a niche in mid-sized budget corporate video productions.

Within 6 months, we made over 30 videos for our clients.

Lee Buri Productions Portfolio

The portfolio we showcased to potential clients included all the work and experience my partner and I had garnered throughout our years in the industry.

This includes individual projects, clients, as well as awards and nominations for video productions we’ve been a part of.


Generated Sales

I successfully generated RM 250,000 in revenue during our first financial year.

As the lockdown only allowed us a short window to operate, this revenue was generated within just six months.

Focused On Upskilling

For each project, we focused on educating and upskilling talent.

Talented young crew members were given lead roles in projects while I took on advisory roles and helped them learn and gain experience.

Looked Into Expansion

Whether be it from generating sales or finding different revenue streams, I was in charge of expanding the company to new heights.

Sadly, with the pandemic and lockdowns, this was an uphill battle.

Managed Day-to-Day

I managed the company’s finances and accounts, initiating cost-saving measures that ultimately led the company to profitability.

In addition, I also managed the company’s administrative and legal affairs.

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