Storage Bloc Sdn Bhd opened its doors in January 2017. The company was one of the first storage facilities to offer on-demand A-Z storage services as well as variable storage and storage by plastic storage boxes.

Ultimately, the goal of the company is to offer premium services that make storage easy and let customers declutter their living and working spaces for an affordable price.

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Bootstrapped Marketing

With a limited marketing budget, we had to get creative and use whatever resources available to market our services.

As a creative practitioner, I was able to create all marketing collaterals as well as set up the digital marketing campaigns, leading to a steady growth of sales throughout the years.

Storage Bloc
Storage Bloc
Storage Bloc

Learning As We Go

Storage Bloc was my first venture into ‘true’ entrepreneurship. While I did finish my degree in business, everything was new to me.

From administrative tasks to legal requirements, operational procedures to accounting & bookkeeping – we spent many hours making many mistakes and learning as we go.

With that said, the knowledge I have gained has now become invaluable and has made the process of running other business ventures smoother and easier.


Headed Business Development

Throughout the past four to five years, I’ve headed the company’s development, finding the best directions and solutions to ensure the growth of the company.

As a result, Storage Bloc introduced multiple other revenue streams such as moving box rentals as well as fulfillment (which is now FlyBear Sdn Bhd).

Generated Sales

Through marketing and PR efforts as well as general sales tactics, the company had increased revenue by 30% year-on-year up until the pandemic, and even managed to grow another 15% during the pandemic.

Increased Efficiency

With the help of my warehouse manager, we were able to implement cost saving measures that led to a 25% decrease in monthly overheads, further increasing our profit margins.

In addition, we were able to use our space more efficiently and effectively, allowing us to increase our storage capacity by another 20%.

Managed Administrative Tasks

I manage the company’s finances, accounts, and all legal matters – ensuring our compliance with national regulatory bodies.

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